Email Scorecards

Emailing Scorecards
Our preferred way to receive your scorecard is to email a photo direct to the league registrar, therefore avoiding having to use the postal system.  You can still send your scorecards via post if you want but there is a chance on incurring a late card fine.

How can I do this?
Simply send an email to the address below and attach the photo.

What address do I send my email to?
Please send your email with the photo attachment to  Please ensure the subject line is in the following reverse date format to aid the registrar

yyyy-mm-dd Division Home Team Letter v Division Away Team Letter
e.g. 2012-09-21 1A v 1B

What happens if my email is not received?
When the registrar receives the email he will email back a confirmation.  If you don’t receive a reply within a day or two you should assume it was not received and you may be liable for the late card fine as per rule 7.

What should I do with the paper scorecard?
Once your email is confirmed you can recycle the scorecard.

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