Cup Draws

Knockout Cup Draw To be played on 19th October 2021
1H Larkhall Eight Bye
1J Belvoir Rejects v 2H Legionairs
1B Cavaliers v 2B Pleasant Gang
1E Colin Weaver TCC v 1K Ten Thirty Eighters
1C M Taverners A v 2J Walcot Wanderers
2D Haringtonians v 1G Slottie Giraffes
1F Wesa Rebels v 1A Ron’s Eight
2A Dymamoes v 2L Snuffy’s Eight
2F Haymakers v 2K Wild Rovers
2M Woolly Waddlers v 2G StickyWickets
1M Twerton Liberal Club v 1D Georges Ten
2E Nomads 1L Bless ’em All

Nomination Cup To be played on 9th November 2021
1A Ron’s Eight v 1C M Taverners A
1B Cavaliers v 2K Wild Rovers
1K Ten Thirty Eighters v 2J Walcot Wanderers
2D Haringtonians Bye
1F Wesa Rebels v 2E Nomads
1G Slottie Giraffes v 1H Larkhall Eight
1L Bless ’em All v 2M Wooly Waddlers
2A Dynamoes v 2H Legionairs
2F Haymakers v 1E Colin Weavers TCC
2B Pleasant Gang v 1J Belvoir Rejects
1M Twerton Liberal Club v 2L Snuffy’s Eight
2G Sticky wickets v 1D Georges Ten