2021-05-25 Minutes

Notes from the LV Committee Meeting at WESA on 25 May 2021

David, John, Geoff, Chris, Mark, Bob

The Government has now postponed the final stage of lockdown easing to July 19th.

SEASON 21/22
League teams/format:
Our poll of all the teams from the 19/20 season determined that the following teams would not be registering for 21/22 – Prodigal Suns, Codgers, Hadley Arms, and Downers. This would leave 12 teams in each Division One and Two. The fixture list would be reconfigured based on 12 teams per division.

The League has sufficient funds to maintain entry and registration fees, prize monies and honoraria as at present, at least for next season. We will make a useful saving by not producing the usual folded fixture cards, instead an A4 sheet will be provided for each captain. Score cards will be provided as usual.

Rule Changes:
The current Rule 4 is that teams comprise 8 players but we need to be more flexible in the event that teams cannot get 8 players on the night. Rule 10 tries to address this but could lead to very unbalanced games and is probably routinely ignored. We will propose possible amendments at the AGM (play one down, give 3’s across the board or 1’s for nomination games, repeat the lowest score in the leg, etc).

Cup competitions:
We will run all the usual cup competitions with fixed dates for the early rounds as in previous years.

We will delay the start of the 21/22 season to 21 September. The Pins Cup will start on 4 January and the League resumes after Christmas on 11 January.

Letters/Website update for teams:
Relevant parts of these notes (when agreed) will be posted on the LV website. Invitation letters for the AGM will be sent as usual with our suggested amendments to Rule 10.

We will meet again on Tuesday 20th July.
The AGM will be held on Tuesday 10th August.