2020-07-28 Minutes

The Committee has decided to abandon its plans to resume the 2019/20 season in September. We have done this in light of the following advice received from the BANES Council Public Protection Team:

“I don’t consider that re-starting skittles is compatible with the current covid secure guidance for the following:

  • Teams have 8 members, all from different households, which is currently against government guidance of a max of 6.
  • Pubs are required to limit the movement of customers around the pub as much as possible other than to use the toilet facilities or place an order at the bar.
  • Teams all use the same balls and there is no effective or practical way of cleaning the balls between players.
  • The sticker-up would also be handling these balls.
  • The game will encourage players to congregate together as it is a sociable game, as would the post skittle buffet style food.
  • Social distancing may not be possible in some alleys as they all differ in size and location.
  • Many teams have older players in vulnerable groups.
  • It would encourage teams to move around the pubs which isn’t to be encouraged at this time.

Overall, while it is not prohibited in law, I cannot see that this can be facilitated either safely or practically within the current covid secure guidance. This in turn would be considered a breach of H&S legislation under which action could be taken. I am sure it is very disappointing that activities like this are unable to resume, but it will be some time before “normal” social activities like these will be permitted.”

In our view, that advice rules out a restart in September. Therefore we have decided to deem the 2019/20 season as over and League positions will stand as they were after the 3rd March. The Knockout and Nomination Cup competitions were completed. The two remaining teams in the Pins Cup would be declared joint winners. The Singles Competition was completed. The two Pairs competitions would be voided as there are too many outstanding games. It will not be possible to hold a normal AGM or Presentation Night owing to social distancing requirements. The existing Committee will remain in office until a normal AGM can be held. Prize monies will be sent by post by the treasurer. If possible, could cup holders retrieve their trophies from their pub or club for safe keeping until further notice. Please see the abridged results list below, taken from the Registrar’s report.

Season 20/21
We previously planned to start the 20/21 season in late October, as a League only season with no cup competitions. The feasibility of this start is uncertain at this time and the Committee will meet again on the 8th of September to make a decision on an October start. If October is not possible, we are considering a possible start on January 5th with a short season based on 3 Divisions to conclude in April or May. This would need to be decided at a further Committee meeting in November. If none of these options is viable we would have to cancel 20/21 and start a new season in September 2021.

Extract from the Registrar’s report for the 2019/20 Season
Division One top three: Ron’s Eight, Hadley Arms, Cavaliers
Division One bottom three:Dynamoes, Downers, Pleasant Gang
Division Two top three: Larkhall Eight, Trowbridge Rejects, Bless ’em All
Nomination Cup Winners: Cavaliers. Runners-Up: Ron’s Eight
Knockout Cup Winners: M Taverners A. Runners-Up: Slottie Giraffes
Pins Cup Joint Winners: Larkhall Eight and Rangers
Home Spares Cup Winner: K.Compton (Pleasant Gang)
Away Spares Cup Winner: D.Wiltshire (Trowbridge Rejects)
Roy Hancock Trophy Winner: Tim Walker (Dynamoes)
Highest Average Score: A.Webb (Slottie Giraffes)
Singles Competition Winner: B.Derrick (Rangers)
Singles Competition Runner-Up: D.Brown (Legionairs)

That is all for now! Please get in touch with one of the Committee members if you have any questions or comments to make.

Best wishes,
Bob Yardley(Hon. Secretary)