2020-07-07 Minutes

The Committee met on Tuesday 7th July to consider the prospects for restarting the skittles season this year.

As you may recall, we planned to play the five outstanding fixtures from last season in September this year and then start the 20/21 season in late October. Although pubs are now allowed to open, the restrictions on gatherings inside the pub may make the attendance of skittles teams impractical. The requirements of social distancing and disinfecting surfaces may further complicate matters. It would help our decision making if you could contact your pub landlord or club steward to get their view of the viability of having skittles teams back on their premises in September.

Please let me have any feedback you get and any comments you wish to add before our next meeting on 4th August when we will decide whether to restart in September.

Thank you all for re-registering your team for next season. There has only been one resignation from the League, which is very encouraging. Let us hope that all our pubs/clubs will survive this pandemic and that we can all meet up again for skittles soon.

With best wishes,

Bob Yardley
Hon. Secretary
Please send and email correspondence to: secretary@lvskittles.co.uk