2020-05-13 Minutes

John Pillinger, Chris Book, David Shearman, Geoff Penney, Mark Elley, Bob Yardley

Team Registration Numbers
We had heard nothing from three teams in response to the League’s mailshot and request to register online for next season. These teams were Pleasant Gang, Legionnaires, Woolly Waddlers.They would be contacted individually to see if they still wished to play. Three other teams had replied but not yet filled in the registration form: Cavaliers, Trowbridge Rejects, Bless Them All. (David said that the Trowbridge Rejects would play). One team, the Downers, had said they would not play next season.

Comments by Captains / Review original proposals
Several teams had suggested that we drop the Cup competitions entirely for next season in order to shorten the season. We decided that this was probably the best course of action so have abandoned the original proposal for a voluntary Knockout Cup competition next season.This means there will be no Cup competitions nor Singles nor Pairs Competitions next season.

Government Guidelines
There is still no certainty as to whether pubs/clubs would be able to re-open in time for the League to re-start in September. If this is not possible we might have to decide to abandon the postponed games from the 19/20 season.

League Table Update
With the resignation of the Downers from the League before all games have been completed, all points gained in their games, by themselves and by their opponents, have been deducted in line with normal procedure, and the League Table adjusted accordingly. This procedure doesn’t appear to be specified in the Rules, so we will propose an amendment to the rules at the next AGM.

Keep everyone informed
We will post the notes from this meeting on the LV Skittles website to keep Captains informed of our proposals.

Date of next Committee Meeting
Tuesday 9th June 2020 at 8pm.