2020-04-14 Email

Dear Captains,

The Committee met online on Tuesday 14th April to plan how to conclude the 2019/20 season and to propose a format for the 20/21 season.

Proposal to finish off 2019/20 season
We propose to complete the 5 outstanding league fixtures and the 3 outstanding cup games in September this year. This means the games scheduled for 17th March will be played on Tuesday 1st September, those scheduled for 24th March on Tuesday 8th September, and so on, with the 19/20 season matches ending on 29th September.

Please see http://www.lvskittles.co.uk/?page_id=100 for details.

AGM 2020
We plan to hold the AGM on Tuesday 6th October and to start the 2020/21 season on Tuesday 20th October.  

Presentation Night 2020
The Presentation Night for the 2019/20 season will be held on Wednesday 9th December.

Plan for 2020/21 Season
In order to reduce the length of the 2020/21 season we propose to drop the reserved dates for the knockout cup, nomination cup and pins cup competitions and run just a voluntary knockout competition which teams can enter if they wish much like they enter the singles and pairs competitions (which will continue as usual).

Please see http://www.lvskittles.co.uk/?page_id=1343 for details.

Team Registration
It would help greatly with our planning if you could say (as far as you can tell) if you wish to re-enter your team for the 20/21 season. You can do this online by filling out the following form by Friday 8th May:


It may be that the format of the 20/21 season will have to change depending on the number of teams entering; this will be discussed at the AGM.

Next Committee Meeting
The Committee will meet again in 4 weeks’ time to discuss your feedback and whether the progress of the pandemic is likely to adversely affect our plans.

With best wishes

The LV Committee
p.p. Mark Elley