2020-03-16 Minutes

Present: John Pillinger, Chris Book, David Shearman, Geoff Penney, Bob Yardley, Mark Elley

We met on the evening of Monday 16th March to determine the League’s response to the updated Government advice on the course of the coronavirus pandemic that was issued that afternoon. They requested those aged over 70 to stay at home and for everyone to avoid non-essential social contact and travel. People should stay away from pubs, clubs, theatres and other social venues. They should avoid all mass gatherings.

A number of teams had already contacted committee members to report they were unable to raise a team for the Tuesday game as several of their players were over 70. We were in two minds over whether to continue with the games on Tuesday 17th but eventually decided we should suspend the League immediately to avoid exposing our players to any avoidable risk. This would also apply to outstanding cup games with the exception of the game taking place that evening.

We agreed on the content and format of an email to be sent to all captains informing them of our decision. A few captains had not provided an email address; they would be contacted by telephone later in the evening. The email was sent that evening courtesy of Mark.

A discussion ensued as to the possibility of playing the five outstanding league games and the outstanding cup games in September, and pushing the start of the 20/21 season back into October. This would cause some difficulties with finalising the results table, sorting out next season’s fixture list, engraving trophies, etc., but it should be manageable if we switch to a more online form of communication. It was suggested that the stickers-up who had been booked for the outstanding cup games should still be paid for the games they will miss this season.

It was agreed that the AGM scheduled for April 28th would have to be cancelled. Bob would amend the usual notice sent to all captains to this effect and ask they send entry forms for next season by post or email. Those with cups or trophies would be asked to return them to WESA as soon as possible and David would pass them on to Bob at a convenient time. Bob would arrange engraving, probably in the Autumn, when final positions were known.

We agreed to reconvene at WESA on Tuesday April 14th to discuss developments.